How You Can Save With iFoster In 2020
by iFoster | January 17, 2020

It’s 2020, and the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has just confirmed what many of us already knew. Income for the majority of U.S. households isn’t growing. In fact, it’s been lagging since 1979 — growing half as fast as those households in the top 20%.

Sadly, the CBO has concluded in their newest report that significant improvements in quality of life for the majority of us are unlikely to come from general economic growth despite a booming economy. iFoster is here to help.

iFoster’s Heroes

Despite these grim financial factors, hundreds of thousands of foster and kinship families nationwide open their doors to our most vulnerable children every day. They expand their families and stretch their dollars to raise them and provide them with the childhood they deserve.

Tens of thousands of our young people bravely strive to make it on their own nearly a decade before their non-foster peers.

Save Thousands of Dollars With iFoster

With iFoster, families can save upwards of $9,600 per year on everything from daily household expenses to those big ticket items like purchasing a car, getting a child braces, or finally taking a family vacation.

Youth aging out of the system can save $2,500 or more on their bills while being able to afford the technology they need to succeed and treat themselves (and possibly someone special too).

With over 300,000 discounts, deals and free perks, iFoster has something for everyone.

Make Big Purchases

Making big purchases this year? Save $3,500 on a new car, up to $5,000 on braces, or thousands on a well-earned holiday.

One iFoster family has saved over $10,000 buying the vehicles they need to transport their six children to school, appointments, and with further discounts and iFoster scholarships, to the after-school activities they so enjoy.

Pay The Bills

Struggling to pay the bills? Save up to 30% on your utilities or phone bills. Download a few of our 100 daily grocery coupons and save. While a dollar off toilet paper may not seem like a lot, over the course of a year, your grocery bill could drop by 25% or more.

Get Tech

If you need technology – the number one request we receive from members nationwide – iFoster has you covered.

For our current and former foster youth in California, iFoster can not only save you a thousand dollars per year on your phone bill with the iFoster Phones for Foster Youth program, but you can stream, surf, post and like all day long with unlimited data.

Depending on where you live and what agency you are with, how about a free laptop or tablet? Paired with your unlimited data hotspot serving smartphone, waiting for your 20 minute turn at the library to get your homework done is a thing of the past. Resolve to get connected in 2020 with iFoster.

Once you’re connected, you can access free one-on-one tutoring, explore careers and colleges, apply for jobs and scholarships, and learn the skills you need to become self-sufficient — all through the iFoster portal.

Become a Member For Free

Thousands of dollars in savings are a login away.

Whether you’re looking to pay your bills, make a big purchase, or treat yourself and your family to some fun, iFoster can help. Join iFoster by signing up here, or for more information call 1-855-936-7837 or text 530-414-5060.

Last year, our members collectively saved over $150 million. You could be one of them!

*Please note, you must be eligible to join. Eligible members include: current or former foster youth, foster family, kinship family, adoptive or legal guardian caregivers, bio family receiving wrap services, or an organization that supports them.


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