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Supporting Local Foster Youth

iFoster has built a national network of local foster youth serving agencies who are coming together to ensure every child in foster care and those aging out have what they need to succeed. Under our iFoster Hope campaign, we work together to identify youth needs, raise funds and meet those needs. Keeping investment local!

Round Up for Local Youth in Need

Retail round-up campaigns fund the resources and opportunities that children and youth in foster care and those aging out need. All funds raised flow back to local communities. Combined with iFoster's ability to aggregate local need and our capability to source donated and discounted pricing for needed resources, donated funds directly and measurably impact those in need.

Children in Foster Care Need Your Help

There are over 450,000 children in foster care. Almost 30,000 age out every year with few if any supports.

Their outcomes are tragic. Within four years of aging out:

  • 50% will be unemployed and those employed will only earn $7,500/year on average.
  • 50% will experience homelessness.
  • 70% will be on government assistance.
  • Less than 3% will have earned a degree.
Solvable Problem

We can change these outcomes! iFoster, a national nonprofit, is working to close the resource gap and ensure that every child in foster care and youth aging out have what they need to succeed through its iFoster Hope network of over 4,000 partner foster care agencies. Investing in foster youth can make the difference between surviving and thriving! Join us!

How You Can Participate
  • Foster youth and foster families are in your communities, are your customers, are your neighbors, and your staff.
  • Your participation will directly and meaningfully improve lives in the communities you serve.
  • Round-up at the register campaigns are a powerful tool for not only raising funds that go back to your communities, but also for raising awareness of the needs of foster children and youth, and fund programs that provide job skills and educational opportunities to help youth aging out achieve self-sufficiency.
  • We would LOVE to partner with you to support foster children and families in your communities.
About iFoster
  • We are a nonprofit that has built the largest national community to support foster care with members in every state.
  • Our network of tens of thousands of local nonprofits, agencies, caregivers and partners ensure resources and opportunities are delivered to those who need them the most.
  • Our programs have been evaluated and proven to be highly effective.
  • We have been recognized by: White House Office of Social Innovation, Congressional Angels in Adoption, AARP Purpose Prize, Points of Light, American Leader of Change, and many others.
Campaign Example: Weis Markets

Weis Markets conducted a round-up at the register campaign for four weeks during March 2021 across its 196-store footprint.

  • iFoster promoted the campaign to its membership within Weis’s footprint to shop in support of the program, and iFoster, Weis Markets, and iFoster’s network collectively promoted the campaign across social and traditional media. Weis raised and donated $250,000, through a combination of customer round-up donations plus company match.
  • The campaign received regional, national and trade press.
  • Funds raised were distributed back into Weis Markets’ seven state footprint through local foster care agencies and nonprofit partners with first-hand knowledge of the needs of individual foster youth and families.
For more information please email, text or call

Reid Cox, CFO
reid@ifoster.org | 530-414-3393

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