iFoster for Agencies

iFoster Helps Agencies Better Serve Their Clients

It’s proven. Using iFoster decreases the needs of your families, improves their well-being and improves placement stability. Engaging your transition-age foster youth with iFoster improves their grades, their enrollment and persistence in college, their employment, their connections to a support network, and their life-satisfaction.

The Resources Your Clients Need Available 24/7
  • iFoster has thousands of free and low cost resources through partnerships with hundreds of companies, government agencies and nonprofits nationwide.
  • Sign up as an Agency or have your Caregivers and Transition-Age Foster Youth sign up for the iFoster Resource Portal either online or download the app. It’s FREE!
  • Save money on groceries, laptops, orthodontics, and tickets to events. Get free eye exams and glasses, tutoring, and so much more.
Help Youth Transition
  • iFoster has programs specifically designed to help our young people in foster care transition to successful, independent adults.
  • Our virtual TAY (Transition-Age Youth) Assistant provides the resources, "How Do I" knowledge, and self-directed trainings that youth need to become independent.
  • Our Jobs Program provides training and employment with more than 40 employer partners like Starbucks, CVS and grocery stores.
  • Our TAY AmeriCorps program is an opportunity for TAY to help their fellow youth in foster care while earning good money and scholarships.

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