iFoster for Transition-Age Youth

Join Over 45,000 Other Transition-Age Youth (TAY) and See How iFoster Can Help You!

It’s been proven! Becoming an iFoster member improves grades, increases college attendance, increases employment, improves connections to your support network including your family and friends, and improves life satisfaction! Join today!

  • We have the stuff you need. Some of it is free. Some at huge discounts.
  • Always available when you need it.
  • Laptops, cell phones, eye exams and glasses, tutoring, tickets to events, and so much more.
  • Thousands of resources through partnerships with hundreds of companies, government agencies and nonprofits nationwide.
  • People save thousands of dollars every year. Sign up for free and check.
TAY Assistant and Digital Locker
  • Use our online personal assistant to help manage your life.
  • Find the resources and How Do I knowledge you need to navigate your transition to independence in our online iFoster resource portal. Download the app and everything you need is a click away!
  • Store your important documents in a safe place you have access to 24/7.
  • Learn and earn with our self-directed trainings for job skills and employment, navigating college, managing your digital life, and self-care.

iFoster Jobs Program
  • Need a great paying, stable job? iFoster will give you the training and resources you need to be hugely successful.
  • You can choose to complete job skills training using our self-directed training in the iFoster app – complete on your own time and pace.
  • OR you can join one of our many cohort trainings and learn in an online or in-person classroom setting with trainers who have helped hundreds of foster youth transition to independence.
  • We have dozens of major employer partners like Starbucks, CVS and grocery stores who will put you first in line to interview for open jobs.
  • These are part-time and full-time jobs that come with benefits, scholarships and tuition reimbursement for post-secondary education, and career advancement.
TAY AmeriCorps
  • Stepping-stone for transition-age foster youth, giving them a chance to build public and health service careers.
  • TAY AmeriCorps members serve over 10,000 foster youth in the Bay Area and Los Angeles County annually.
  • This award winning program lasts for 10-months per year, requires 60 hours a month of your time, and pays $1,350 per month plus over $3,600 in scholarship money.
  • Currently available in California, but expanding to other states in 2021.

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